Who we are

Dolce Invita was created in 2010 as a regular swimwear and lingerie store.

In 2012, the creator of the brand, Caroline Corsi, in a sunny day at the sand of Rio de Janeiro’s Pepe Beach, along with two friends, Luciana Camacho and Susie Meskla, came with the idea of making unique, exclusive bikinis. The customer could buy only the pieces that fit her well, without the commitment of buying the set when you just loved the top. That’s the reason why we value so much single pieces. And also, the prints should be an exclusive creation, to bring even more a individual personality to the pieces, some top and bottom models are sold with optional metal pieces.

Then, the 2012 Summer Collection arrives as just the beginning of a dream that’s getting bigger and bigger each day.

And that’s Dolce’s purpose, to make you an invitation, so that you create the perfect and unique bikini that suits you, valuing your body and your essence.

Dolce “Invita” you to be Unique!

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